As Much as I hate drywall…

As much as I hate drywall, it signals the end of the shell and the beginning of the finish work. Also, unfinished drywall has a certain crispness to it compared to insulation, which can remind me of padded walls in old asylum movie scenes. From my years as a sculptor and a plasterer, I’m pretty good with the mud. My measuring- well it goes day by day. I had so many good days getting the siding and most of the drywall right, today I had a couple cuts a half inch off. Made me a little cranky.

Here are a couple shots of the interior. My dog, Horus, is checking out the clerestory windows with some concern. My son swung by, which was a treat and got a picture of me with the structure.

Blake, the author and builder with her dog. The high ceilings give the 9′ x 11′ interior a much bigger feel than it really is.
My sweet and wary dog, Horus. Since the structure is insulated, I’ve been bringing him. He is sound sensitive, and the wind on the mountain causes him some stress. The insulation helps that.


I own a small business, I have degrees in Sculpture, Forestry, and Soil Science. I like nature, I love to learn.

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