Bracing to sell the current house

Painting the shutters and the garage door will make the house seem a little more dignified than the silly sky blue shutters.

My son and I moved into our current house 4 years ago. We moved from a small, dim, victorian with high ceilings and not a lot of horizontal space.

The elbow room in the home that we purchased was irresistible, as I always have sculpture or construction projects going on, and my son was starting to need additional room to move around and pursue his own activities.

I met with my favorite realtor in town and we went room-by-room and discussed what changes will be most useful in order to prepare for the sale.

He had some solid advice. Many of the things that I was concerned with could be fixed with a paintbrush. In his market analysis, I could see that by doing next to nothing, the value would not be significantly diminished. That really took some of the pressure off me. With long lists of things to do on the new house, the idea of another long list of things to do was feeling rather ominous. But no need for that. The big price tag things are replacing the carpet in the living room, having some replacement storm windows made for the three season porch, and updating some bathroom fixtures. However, I could cover the living room carpet with a big area rug and change the bathroom fixtures myself to save a bit of money. This website offers fresh ideas on such improvements.

I am continuing to pare down on my belongings. My son is struggling. He turns 18 this Spring and graduates from high school. He hopes to get an apartment or share a house with some buddies. He’s not going to want to lug things like the piano around, but he wants it. I suppose he can take it, and if he gets sick of moving it, he can pass it on.

There are a few projects that will be a lot of sweat equity. Painting most of the place will be a lot of work. I’m a pretty good painter. I’ll pick up some nice ground cloths. I have brushes and rollers and such. The kitchen cupboards should be painted. They are currently that orangey oak color, that isn’t very popular.  And outdoors, I’ll be moving a lot of the perennials around and mulching. I am trying to get some of that done this Fall, so I don’t have to do gardening in the snow or in frozen ground.

Stuff to do, progress being made!



I own a small business, I have degrees in Sculpture, Forestry, and Soil Science. I like nature, I love to learn.

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