The siding is 99% finished. I need to do the trim yet, but it’s ready to stain. I also insulated the interior. It was cold in there this morning! Believe it or not, a light snow was falling inside as air lofted through the eaves. That stopped when I finished insulating.

The space warmed up just above freezing through the afternoon on account of my body heat. It remained cold outside. It’s a strange feeling sweeping snow indoors. I felt like an Inuit cleaning my igloo. I have a propane heater to install. Mr. Heater 20K. I started gathering parts for that install today.

The warm weather is taking a break and so is the sunshine, so staining will have to wait a week or so.

It’s sealed up from the elements at last!


Insulation went in quickly. I should have purchased backed insulation for the ceiling, but I used some sheet plastic as a vapor barrier. It should be fine.


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