I was going to keep it simple and live on the plywood floors.  Unfortunately, the amount of soil that is going to be tracked in has become impressively clear, and in the small area, that dirt piles up! The plywood is impossible to clean very well and the organic soil is readily ground in to the pores .

I opted for some vinyl floor tiles that came in strips, discounted heavily. I glued them on over the course of an afternoon with a mastic type adhesive. The process was straightforward and uneventful. I picked a pattern that looked dirty already. The tiles have a heavy wood grain texture, so the dogs should have some traction.

My wildlife viewing spot, showing my hammock storage trunk, and the newly installed vinyl flooring.



I own a small business, Seed-Balls.com. I have degrees in Sculpture, Forestry, and Soil Science. I like nature, I love to learn.

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