A green studio/guest cottage solves some problems

Blake, a ginormoud radish, and two of the four reasons why selling my house will be so difficult.
Blake, a ginormous radish, and two of the reasons why selling my house will be so difficult.

There are some hairy reasons why putting my home on the market will be difficult: I have dogs. They are well-loved and ‘special’ in their extraordinary capacities to:

  • shed,
  • make smells,
  • make me happy,
  • and wag irresistibly.

I can’t start the build of my new house full-swing until I have money from the sale of my old house, and that can’t even start to happen until my dogs are out of the old house.

The plan: build an unattached, off-grid drawing studio/guest cottage. It will be a simple, solidly constructed 10×12 structure that also will serve as shelter for me and my dogs while I am working on preparing the site for my new house, and my old house is being shown during the day. I’ll be starting my build fairly early in the Spring, and it will be too cold for the dogs to just be outside without a warming shelter.

I’ll be able to build the studio in components this winter, and -possibly- prepare the soil for the minimal foundation this fall. If I can get the gravel in for the foundation, building it early in the spring might be kind of like snapping legos together!


I own a small business, Seed-Balls.com. I have degrees in Sculpture, Forestry, and Soil Science. I like nature, I love to learn.

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