How I am saving space

  • Reducing my belongings to things that give me meaning and joy
  • Scrutinizing how I use larger things – can I make due with smaller?
  • No hallways.
  • Multi-purposing volumes in the home. Shared air-space between areas, rather than rooms.
  • Allocating space based on personal significance rather than convention


Scrutinizing Usage of Stuff: Kitchen Case Study

The kitchen was my first experiment in this process. I like cooking alright, but in practice, my pattern of cooking is kind of predictable.

  • I mostly use the stove top. I love the fast heating of a gas stove, but HATE cleaning it. The answer: Ditch the 4-burner gas stove for an affordable 2-burner induction rig: heats fast, less space, easy to clean!
  • I only use the oven for stuff that is flat. The occasional cake, lots of pizza and broiled stuff. Maybe once a year I use the vertical height of the oven. Definitely not worth the space. The answer: An affordable 16″ pizza oven. Takes about 1/5 the space, isn’t too pricey, and can fit under the counter.
  • Mixers, blenders, processors, graters, and macerators in general. The answer: I’m keeping one. The food processor. 
  • Sink. I have a large two-basin sink. I use it to accumulate dirty dishes. So I can really fill my large dishwasher. The solution: A modestly sized one-basin sink.
  • The dishwasher. The solution: Since mostly I’ll just be serving one or two people and will have a small sink and less dishes. I am switching to a counter-top sized dishwasher, which I will install under the counter beneath the pizza oven. 
  • Dishes. Too many. No need for 6 place settings when I only serve that many a few times a year. The solution: two place settings and pick up some compostable plates and cutlery when needed. 
  • My fridge use is kind of typical, I think. I accumulate condiments and left overs. Some half full food containers. Lots of wasted space. The solution will be a smaller fridge for under the counter, and a medium-sized chest freezer in a storage area. If I want to cook a large pot of sauce, I will store it in the freezer in portions that can be eaten at one sitting so less left overs sit in the fridge. Also, I know my eating tastes and preferences. I’ll only buy stuff that I know I’ll eat from now on. Avanti makes a nice under-counter dual fridge/freezer

The space appliances will occupy will be reduced by about 2/3. My plan should be able to support a kitchen that occupies 8′ x 2′ of dedicated floor space. Everything on, above, or under an 8′ long cabinet.