How I’m Saving Money

Building is a house is an expensive project. I’m doing a number of things to save money. I hope I cut the right corners and build a solid house!

  • I built the house on a 4’x4′ grid. The walls and flooring will be built with whole and half sheets of sheathing, plywood and drywall, with very little scrap.
  • An open floor-plan design will mean fewer interior walls, doors, and less trim carpentry. This translates to less material and less time.
  • I’m my own general contractor. I have some friends who are in the construction business who will pipe up if I’m doing something terribly wrong!
  • I’m my own architect. I know what I want, I took time to design it carefully on paper, then I put it into Sketchup to help me visualize it in 3D. It’s been through several iterations, but after a year, I feel I’m ready with the final design.
  • I’m my own draftsman. I’m good with triangles, pencils, and scales, so I will probably end up doing drawings the old fashioned way, but I am playing around with a free CAD program called DraftSight.
  • I’ll be my own contractor where I can. That will include framing the walls, plumbing and electrical, as well as finish carpentry and landscaping.
  • I am making many of my purchases in advance, taking full advantage of curb pick ups, garage sales, craigslist, and surplus outlets. Some things that I am not skimping on will be heating, windows, siding, and insulation. These, I feel will be best if modern and under warrantee.