I’ve got Dystrudepts.

You may be disappointed to find out that this isn’t an incurable endocrine disorder. It’s a type of soil. The lot up on the mountain has Hazleton series soil, which is classified as a Dystrudept in US Soil Taxonomy.

US Soils taxa are synthetic words that express distinguishing characteristics of natural bodies of soil.

Dystr – this is means that the soil is acidic and mineral poor.

Ud – is short for udic, which means the soil holds enough water for the plants needs year round, but isn’t saturated.

Ept – this suffix means the soil order is IncEPTisol. Inceptisols may not be young, but they have poor differentiation between horizons.

The Hazleton Dystrudept is derived from sandstone and the soil is well draining, rocky, and loamy. I think it should hold the foundation well. Bedrock is between 3 and 6 feet deep, so the piers should be right on the rock. Good.

The map, above, shows different types of Inceptisols, and the dominance of Udepts in Appalachia.


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