Mons Domus

Mons Domus is the primary structure to be built on the lot. “Mons Domus” is Latin for Mountain Home. Designing it was at first marked by compromise, because the only lot that I could find that was suitable is a part of a housing association where the minimum house size should be 1000 square feet.

Upon reflection, in my heart, I know that I need to live minimally, but I also need to create. I build stuff. Sculptures, boats, instruments. I need less sweaters and coffee mugs, and more room for building things. And so I allocated the 1000 square feet as follows:

  • 250 sq. ft. of domestic space
  • 750 sq. ft. of productivity space

This should provide the lifestyle optimization that living in a tiny house will provide, but also permit me to pursue my passions of building big things.

I designed the home to be built easily, with minimal waste, but still to offer some nice views and have an open modern feel.