Possession Edit Continues…

After about 30 years of seriously accumulating STUFF, the pre-tiny edit is really making progress.  It’s even contagious, as my 17 year old son voluntarily bagged up about a cubic yard of stuff from his room to take to Goodwill. What a difference that made!

We’re facing choices now with semi-valuable things: ebay or charity. Charity is a great option for much, since ebaying small stuff is time consuming.  One option is to bundle stuff for auction. For example. All the Suzuki series music books. I’ll bundle the cello series all together and sell it in one chunk, rather than selling it book by book. I’ll make less money, but I will get something, instead of just giving them away.

We’re also boxing seasonal things that we won’t need until Spring, so the house is looking emptier and emptier.

The areas that are lagging behind are the places where mixed stuff has accumulated. The garage, a corner of the basement, and parts of the sun porch that has residual piles of stuff from the business that I used to run from there.

I need to develop a systematic way to sort those piles since they are such a jumble.

How does the transition feel? Mixed. I definitely like the room and clarity that having fewer things affords, but all the old memories that I have to confront sorting through crap is sometimes wrenching. I have to do it in little doses. But it is progress, and it has to happen. Most of the closets and cupboards are empty or sparse now, so all the messy crap is kind of exposed nakedly. I’ll attack one pile today, I’ll determine which one after one more cup of coffee!



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