Toiling with the toilet

For some reason, a disproportionate amount of thought went into the porta-potty for the studio. I want something that is clean, looks nice, and works well. I went with a urine diverter bucket toilet. Urine will be collected in jugs, and manure in a rectangular bucket. It is smaller, so poop won’t be sitting around for as long as a 5 gallon pail would take to fill. Also, for whatever reason, 7 and 8 gallon biodegradable bags (to fit 5 gal pails) were very costly and only available in large quantities.  5 gallon bags for this 3 gallon waste can were available and affordable.

The apparatus is held in a box that is large enough to hold an extra urine jug, and the stash of garbage bags. The jon is on wheels and can stow under a cupboard out of the way. The seat isn’t a toilet seat, it’s a finished board with hole and a flat lid.  I just don’t want it to look like a toilet since I’ll be sharing a room with it.

Propped up plumbing. The urine diverter collects liquid waste in biohazard red jugs, while poops and sawdust are managed in compostable waste bags.


The finished loo doesn’t look like much. It’s in a tiny structure with no separate rooms, so I didn’t want it to look or feel like a toilet. It looks more like a storage chest or hamper.


When the lid is lifted, the urine diverter and humanure bag/bin are apparent. It’s sealed in several coats of urethane for easy cleaning and a nice finish.


I own a small business, I have degrees in Sculpture, Forestry, and Soil Science. I like nature, I love to learn.

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