Finally! All those windows that I have been collecting from Craigslist are now out of my garage- where I knew they would get broken just being there- and in the studio!

The clerestory turned out really well. The windows are sideways, so I need to drill some new weepholes in the vinyl and seal the old ones, but that’s an easy task. Most of the windows went in really nicely, except for one high end replacement window that had a spring loaded return that was powerful enough to just about take off our fingers. It actually kind of broke it’s own mechanism while we put it in. I think it’s stable and safe, but what at pain in the ass!

The big window wall faces east, which was a difficult choice since I like sun. The place would heat up and be useless in the summer with south windows, I fear, even with the trees. With east windows, visitors will wake with the sun, but have the best views, too. Other directions point at houses or a lot that had been cleared.



I own a small business, I have degrees in Sculpture, Forestry, and Soil Science. I like nature, I love to learn.

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